Law of Karma VS God

Countless instances come before us when people link their faith in God to some magic like happenings in their lives. Not only this, we come across many such situations when people in deep distress mumble before God, “If you are really there, then save my …”

Prayer is alright but why should we put to test God’s power and existence; and who are we to test Him, especially after having accepted Him as the creator of this universe?

And we also hear of cases of miraculous escapes and turned from being atheists to believers in God. Do we need to expect God to create miracles to bring the realization in all the atheists that He really exists?

Recently I read the autobiography of a holy man who at one time was a pilot and non-believer in God. But, in a plane crash, he survived while his companions were killed. This incident changed him from an atheist to a believer.

It is a flawed perception of God. Questions like why God chose to save the pilot and not others, can lead to a set of flawed conclusions. First, God is not kind to those who accept his existence but is kind to them who do not accept his existence. Second, God wants to prove his existence to those who don’t believe in him with his miracle-like act.

Death or an escape from death is the part of law of Karma and it has nothing to do with God’s existence. The fact is that the creation of this universe and the creation of living creatures are great examples of His great-ness and existence. Look at the wonder of the myriad suns, moons and other count-less heavenly bodies.

Even the best machines designed by man develop snags; but all that He has designed have remained flawless. The longest day and the longest night come exactly after a year and a leap year never gives a miss.
Thus, we should not link the law of Karma with His existence.

By Bhartendu Sood 



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