Lahoriye Movie Review | Amrinde Gill | Sargun Mehta

‘Feel the love in the air with Lahoriye’

Written & Directed by Amberdeep Singh
Produced by Amberdeep Singh Karaj Gill
Co-produced by Jaspal Singh Sandhu & Amiek Virk
Music: Jatinder Shah

Run Time – 2 hrs 17 mins
Genre – Romance and Drama

PT Rating -****4/5

Lahoriye is basically a romantic drama film. Its a really simple and well treated story. Kikkar Singh ( Amrinder Gill) is a clerk and lives in India. Sargun lives in Pakistan with her family. One day kikkar had to go for farming in the restricted area in Pakistan, here he saw sargun working in fields and fell in love with her. She also starts feeling for him. One day he decided to go to Pakistan to meet her. After reaching Pakistan he get a help from Yuvraj Hans to met her. Here he succeed to impress her parents to get merry ..then he came back to India and impress his parents too. Then they decided to go to Pakistan and get this marriage done.
They arrived in Pakistan and marriage is start actually happening.. But its not that easy guys ……suddenly something happen and the marriage stopped…. To what happen you guys need to go to your nearby theaters and watch that film.
Performance:-  we have no doubt about Amrinder Gill’s acting skills, he is amazing as always. Sargun Mehta was amazing, she looks so beautiful and her acting timing is just fantastic. Yuvraj Hans was incredibley good he has done a marvelous job this time. Nimrat Khaira also has a part in the film as her first performance she justified her selection too. Rest of the start cast including Guggu Gill, Hobby Dhaliwal, Nirmal Rishi Ji, Sardar Sohi, Rajiv Thakur and many more have done their part with efficiency. Here I would like to mention the old man who played a grandfather of Sargun Mehta ,he was good. In some of the emotional scenes he was just too good.

Music: Music of the film is given by Jatinder Shah and no doubt he is one the great music director that we have in the industry. All the songs are beautifully made by him. The music is just stuck in your mind and heart and you will love to listen it again and aging.

Technically:- As we know Amaberdeep is basically a screenwriter, here he is putting his shoes into direction. He has done a great job in this film. His hardworking can be seen on the screen. He managed every character in the film beautifully and narrated the story so well.

Overall  its  a nice film to watch this weekend. It’s a family film so you can go along with your families and enjoy this romantic drama and some great won’t regrets guys go out there and have fun



Post Author: Uttam