Jugaadi Dot Com : Review : Punjabi Movie

Direction: Anil Vij
Written by: Bobby Phillauria
Star cast: Firoz Khan,Nachhattar Gill, Sarb Chawla, Rana Ranbir, Mansi Sharma, Komya Virk, Megha Sharma
Music by : Gurmeet Singh
DOP: Inder Gill
Production: Show Start Productions

Rating : **2/5

Jugaadi Dot Com is  Punjabi romantic comedy film which is based on real life incidents and is all about money. The story revolves around a short -cut to become a billionaire and started a website called Jugaadi dot com and starts off After they started a website,people from everywhere and from all age groups jointed it. Which leads to a scam of 1400 crore. Do they get caught or lived happily after ? To see that you go to theaters…

Story : The story of the movie is an average, as there is nothing new to watch. Some time you feel board.

Acting : well….That’s the weakest part of the film. All of the major characters in the movie looks like doing nothing at all from acting aspect. Firoz Khan and Nachatar Gill were so weak they have to work so hard if they wanna stay in that industry. Ladies were in the movie looks OK but not good enough on the screen. The only good performances played by in the movie were theatre artists. Rana Ranbir had a small roll in the story but he played his part with efficiency. Some of the other theater artists were good and appreciate able.

Direction: Direction was not up to mark .there were so many technicality issues with that. You couldn’t even imagine what the director want to say in the story.

Music: The songs of the was good but not suitable to the story. They doesn’t even match the situations. They should have been released as a different music album.

Overall there is nothing new to watch and it’s a combination of bad acting and bad presentation. The movie also have to face Kapil Sharma’s debut and Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Calendar Girls’.which definitely going to harm that Punjabi movie. Now it’s up to you guys which movie you prefer this weekend…. We will see you next week with another release, till then good bye and Stay Happy….cya



Post Author: Uttam