Judge Singh LLB : Movie Review : Ravinder Grewal : Punjabi Teshan

Same old Bollywood recipe but with a Punjabi Tadka….

PT Rating : **1/2

Directed By : Atharv Baluja

Written By : Chandan Prabhakar, Atharv Baluja

Screenplay : Atharv Baluja

Produced By : Sumeet Singh, Ravinder Grewal, Atharv Baluja

Starring : Ravinder Grewal, BN Sharma, Chandan Prabhakar, Sardar Sohi, Harpal Singh, Surbhi Mahendru, Parjesh Kapil, Anita Devgan, Hardeep Gill and Vandana Singh

It’s nice to watch that Punjabi cinema is doing something different apart from comedy. Which is a sign of industry’s growth..

Plot: The movie doesn’t offer you anything new, its a same story that we watch so many times already. A politician uses his influence to save his son from a murder charge and frame a middle class guy into that case. On the other hand there is a guy judge singh ( Ravinder Grewal ) lives his father (B N Sharma). Judge singh has a qualification but not working from last eight years. Because of that he couldn’t get marry and get’s frustrated everyday. Because of some circumstances judge Singh took that case. On the other hand Politician hand over his case to a very famous lawyer ( Sardar Sohi). What happen when they meet inside a court ? And outside ?
Was he succeed or not ? To watch that you needs to go to theaters….

Performances: Ravinder Grewal is still working on his acting skills but was okay. Sardaar Sohi as a T.S. Brar was fabulous and B N Sharma as judge Singh’s father was also fine. Anita Devgan as a mother of that poor guy was amazing. Apart from these Chandan Prabharkar, Harpal Singh ,Surabhi , Hardeep Gill, Vandana they were quite okay too. From acting aspects everyone was fare enough to their characters..

Technicality: The movie has been directed by Atharv Baluja and I must say he has done a good job but he still needs to work on some departments. In some of the scenes you can see his immaturity as a director. Film could be far far better but unfortunately he missed it this time…

Writing: writing is not to the mark . There is nothing new in the movie. It’s like a same wine but in a new bottle. Story couldn’t grip the audience..overall it’s a weak screenplay and presentation.

Music: Music of the movie is satisfactory. It’s not awesome but okay. Some of the songs are nice but not up to standard.

At last we would like to say the movie has nothing new to offer but in a Punjabi film industry it’s a different concept for sure. If you are a Ravinder Grewal fan then you should go and watch it and also if you want to see Sardaar Sohi and BN Sharma in a different characters you must go to theaters…. We wish best of luck to the team
And We will catch you guys next time until then have a great day cya….



Post Author: Uttam