Jagdeep Sidhu share special post for the people who are calling him ‘Anti Farmers and Fake’

Mohali : 23 August 2021 (Punjabi Teshan)Writer and Director Jagdeep Sidhu lately took to his social media that he is facing criticism for upcoming movie ‘Qismat2’. People are calling him fake and ‘Against farmers ‘ ,asking about his contributing for farmers protest.

After all this hateful comments, Jagdeep Sidhu decided to put the things on social media. He clearly mentioned in the post that he really don’t want to highlight his contributing for farmers protest. People who are calling him fake, he said its normal for me because when we were in farmer protest many were calling him fake and anti India but now his own people are writing hateful comments. But Jagdeep Sidhu clearly mentioned in his post that he is with farmers, he is supporting farmer protests, his work was also badly hit by the pandemic as other businesses. Moreover, he mentioned that his movie Qismat2 was expected to release in 2020 but then pandemic happened.

Soon after Jagdeep Sidhu post about same, it’s getting viral on social media. Apart from this, many people are reacting on his post some are supporting Jagdeep Sidhu with and open heart. Even many artists are supporting Jagdeep Sidhu after all this.

As far as the Qismat 2 is concerned, it’s going to be released on 24th September 2021. Ammy Virk, Sargun Mehta and Tania staring this movie is creating great hype in the audiences as the ‘Qismat’ sets records on the Box Office.