Here is Trailer Review for Jayy Randhawa’s Upcoming Movie as “Chobbar,” After Being “Sucha” in the Pollywood industry !

Punjabi Teshan : MOHALI (2nd October 2022) We are all familiar with the acting dynamo Jayy Randhawa, who recently built a fan base with his dedication and skill in his debut film, Shooter. With “Chobbar,” Jayy will return with another masterpiece. From the moment a movie is announced, its excitement is kept up. The film’s creators recently unveiled the trailer. With this film, Jayy Randhawa is going to establish yet another standard.

The Pollywood film industry’s Chobbar would debut on theatres the following month. Let us inform you that Maneesh Bhatt directed this film. The trailer demonstrates how hard Jayy Randhawa worked on both his appearance and acting, once again nailing the role. He will be portrayed as a biker who loves to shoot the skulls off of opponents while still being a formidable fighter. The movie’s plot appears to centre on a girl who has something that appeals to a certain group of individuals. The people even beat her to death since they are so self-centered, only to discover later that they were looking for phoney gold.

Therefore, “Chobbar” is scheduled to premiere on November 11, 2022, in theatres. Speaking about work, Jayy Randhawa will also be seen in the movie “Durlabh,” where he will play the title character, Gangster Durlabh Kashyap. Comment below and let us know how eager you are to watch Chobbar and Durlabh by Jayy Randhawa.