Henna Singal’s new track ‘Heer’ released

Punjabi singer Henna Singal’s new track ‘Heer’ released with a video   Chandigarh, July 6. Henna Singal, the upcoming Punjabi singing sensation is back   with ‘Heer’, a melodious rendition and an enthralling blend of traditional and   contemporary music. Released  with video in the city on Monday by Creator Audio   Video and produced by Jagjeet Singh and Daljeet Singh Arora, ‘Heer’ proves yet   again that true passion knows no bounds. Heena is an engineer by profession and   has also studied business management from London but her love for music   inspires her the most. Henna started her musical sojourn a year ago with her first   single Jazbaat followed by Album ‘Crazy Baalam.’ Her new humble number   ‘Heer’ is composed by Dr. Shri and the lyrics have been penned by renowned   lyricist of Bollywood and Pollywood Mr. Kumaar.  Heer Henna Singal Henna who has performed on Doordarshan and various other channels says, “I am   very passionate about music, and have pursued B.A. in Music too. Singing to me   was just a hobby and I had never thought of going professional. My father Deepak   Singal and mother Sunita support all my endeavors and never stop me from doing   what I like. I manage my father’s business and am thankful to him for allowing me   time for my music.” On her plans to act in Punjabi or Hindi movies she replied,” I   believe in pursuing one thing passionately at a time. I am giving an undivided   attention to music as of now but will think of acting once i have established myself   as a singer”  For the producers, ‘Heer’ is their comeback song into the industry. They shared   with us their love for Cultural music and Gurbaani. Their program Hazoori Ragis is   regularly featured on PTC. They also expressed concerns about rising piracy in the   music industry and how it is detrimental for talent and creativity.  “Main ni banna Sahiba ni maaye, main ni banna Heer…” is pleasing to the ears and   a delight for music lovers. If you are looking for a soulful number – ‘Heer’ it is!

Full Song – Heer – Henna Singal



Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan