Gagan Kokri and Aditi Sharma Are coming to lit you up – LAATU Trailer Released

Wait of Gagan Kokri’s fan is over now as his debut movie Laatu`s trailer is out.  Trailer released under the banner of Saga Music, movie revolves around Gagan Kokri & Aditi Sharma. Farid entertainment in association with New Era Movies presented this movie produced by Jagmeet Singh (Raja Dhaba wale – Khamano ) and is directed by Manav Shah.

Laatu, a trailer settled in the fashion of 50s and 60s where the clothes were completely Indian and the scenario was to take the prestige issue on the stakes at little points but on covering the bigger gathering…you might be understanding that I am going towards ‘electricity’…the one who has it will bright shine and the one who doesn’t will sit in dark. The movie is showing the prestige issue settled upon a love story where our innocent Gabru ‘Gagan’ has challenged to get electricity in his village to tie knots with her… On going back to the start we can see a totally strange yet interesting angle of moustache battle…isn’t it weird and interesting, surely for the ones who take prestige on their dashing moustache, here we can see people comparing this facial part in a competition known as ‘Muqabala Muchchan da’…our Gabru ‘Gagan Kokari’ has the ‘Punjabi much’ but the girl’s father want the electricity at his home.
The new angle actually takes place after making the promise of bringing electricity, it is when a new  man enters to marry the girl of our Gabru and he turns out to be the electricity officer of the village and till the time, he is not get married to the girl, he will not let the electricity to get in there. Phew! What a drama going around our Gabru! Now the point is…is our Gabru going to get the electricity within the three months of time given or the ‘much’ he is being proud of, will turn downwards…to know it, you need to watch the movie ‘Laatu’. Movie is releasing on November 16.



Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan