Divya Films to land in the Entertainment Market with two quirky yet path-breaking movies.

Punjabi Teshan : Mohali, July 03, 2021:The upcoming production house Divya Films to land in the Entertainment Market with two path-breaking movies. Divya Films is a production house which is based in India and Europe. The makers are visionary men who want to make cinema which makes a difference and leaves a mark in the industry. Offering enough opportunity to newcomers the makers are trying to bring out the best from each field.

Produced by Simran Sandhu and Directed by Vikram Sandhu, the team has been burning the midnight oil for the two upcoming movies. One is Punjabi which is named as “The Silence of Lions” and the other is a Hindi Horror Comedy which is named as “Scissor”.

The Silence of the Lions is a movie that is inspired by true eye-opening event. To reach the wider audiences with this story, the makers will be releasing the movie in seven languages including English. The shoot of the movie is mapped out abroad.

Talking about their Hindi project “Scissor”, the maker, Vikram Sandhu have ditched the bandwagon and have put together a quirky concept. The theme of the movie is a Horror Comedy, which would be an interesting genre in the Entertainment Industry. The movie is penned down by Vikram Sandhu, while the Screenplay and Dialogues have been penned down by Neeraj Sharma.

jai Dhaliwal
jai Dhaliwal

With this movie the son of veteran actor Hobby Dhaliwal, Jai Singh Dhaliwal will be making an entry into Bollywood Industry who has already done a punjabi film, “Sainyoni” and is doing a good big role in another punjabi film, “Fuffad Ji’ which is being directed by Pankaj Batra. Not only him but the makers will also be launching the sons of Late Music Maestro Sardool Sikander along with few renowned Bollywood names also for composing the music of the movies and who would be contributing their songs as well. Not only this, but there would be soulful Pakistani songs which will be placed in the movie which would surely pierce the heart of the audiences.

Divya films assures to bring the best of the actors for these two films from Bollywood and pollywood both who all carry good name and fame in the entertainment industry.



Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan