Darra Punjabi Movie Review – Gurpreet Ghuggi – Pammi Bai – Kartar Cheema – Happy Raikoti

DARRA – Punjabi Film Review
Starring – Gurpreet Ghuggi, Kartar Cheema, Happy Raikoti, Manpreet Saggu, Manvir kaur Rai
Directed By – Parveen Kumar
Produced By – Dalvinder Guraya
Genre – Family Drama
Run Time – 2hrs 02 Mins
Synopsis – The story of the film revolves around the realistic issues of Punjab. It is about three brothers living in a village, where local politics snatches away their harmony and amity.

Dara is a nicely made film. It has some good moments and some bad as well, but can be watched.The concept was good but couldn’t get treated well as it should be.

Plot:- Dara( Gurpreet Ghuggi) is a simple guy who is studying in a agricultural university. For his dedication he also get awards. He loves his college mate too but couldn’t express himself. But later he got married to the same girl. After finish his study he tries to implement some good things to his village in which he get succeed. There is a another guy who use to love his wife and also doesn’t like dara. Happy raikoti is his cousin and his a nice guy too. One day the villagers decided to elect dara as there new sarpanch candidate. But he refuses because his uncle ( happy raikoti’s dad ) is already a sarpanch. One night dara got killed by someone..now police came and arrested that guy who use to love dara’s life..did he really killed dara ? Or someone else killed him ? To find out you need to go to theaters…

Performance:- Gurpreet Ghuggi was excellent as always..pammi bai was also okay.. rest of the starcast have done their job nicely .

Technicality:- Direction was fine he has done a decent job. The dialogues and screenplay were also fine and justify the story . Camera work was quite satisfactory. Locations that been used in the film were okay and according to the story.

Music:- music of the film was nice and complement the story.

At the end we can say that the film is one time watch. If you guys are looking for a good story and drama then That should be your choice . So that’s it from our end ,we will see you guys next time until then have fun and cya



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