Bigg Boss fame actress and model Arshi Khan launched her dream project “Mission Nirbheek” in Chandigarh.

Punjabi Teshan : Chandigarh, November 25, 2022:What is self-defense, why is it important, many such questions arise in people’s mind and all these questions were answered by famous actress and model ,Bigg Boss fame Arshi Khan. Arshi Khan reached Chandigarh Press Club on Friday and during her visit she launched her dream project Mission Nirbhik. Country’s famous martial arts trainer Master Bhupesh was also present with him on this occasion. Master Bhupesh’s name is included in the top ten martial arts trainers of the country. Master Bhupesh has also given self-defense training to the police of Himachal Pradesh.

During the program held at the Press Club on Friday, Arshi Khan said that self-defense is an awareness, there are many ways by which we can defend ourselves, but along with them, girls must also have techniques like martial arts.

The special thing about this project of Arshi Khan is that in this she is giving information about self defense to women and girls through Israel based Self Defense Technique karva Maga. Arshi Khan said that in any self-defense it is necessary to identify the criminal first. She said that this Israeli technique is famous all over the world and through this she will now train the women of the country. She said that in this technique, first of all, girls are trained to identify the criminal. Women/girls will be taught how to read a man’s facial expressions, manner of talking and body language about his intentions. Through this technique, they will come to know whether the person in front can harm them or not. they will be given training about self-defense i.e. how to save themselves. During the program, Arshi Khan herself demonstrated this technique in front of the media.

How will the.Nirbhik mission work with the help through Karv Maga

In Karva Maga, it is taught how to defend oneself and attack the enemy with the help of a weapon. In this, the use of body parts is taught and along with it, training is also given in the use of weapons.

Self-defense and attack together

In other self-defense techniques, defense and attack are considered two separate actions. In Karva Maga, you have to defend yourself and attack the enemy at the same time. With the help of this, the enemy can be easily fooled.

Attack on the sensitive parts of the body

In Karva Maga, it is taught to target the sensitive parts of the body. When these organs are attacked the attacker is immediately battered. In Karva Maga, it is believed that when your life is in danger, then there is no scope to think about good and bad.

Takes advantage of nearby weapons or items

In addition to using the body in Karva Maga, the proper use of weapons is also taught. Weapons include guns, knives and other items. They are told how to use those things which are easily available. Apart from knife, gun, stick, key or any other things are also taught the tricks of self-defense.