Bhalwan Singh Movie Review | Ranjit Bawa

bhalwan movie review

Run Time – 2 hours 11 Mins
PT Rating – ****4/5

Starring :- Ranjit Bawa
Produced By : Amiek Virk, Karaj Gill & Jaspal Singh Sandhu
Director : Param Shiv
Co- Producers : Harsimran Waraich, 7T-One Films, Tung Films, Next Level Productions
Story : Sukhraj Singh
Screenplay & Dialogues : Karan Sandhu, Dheeraj Kumar
D.O.P. : Anshul Chobey
Music : Gumroh

Review –
Bhalwan Singh Released today with very strong Banners Nadar Films, J Studio & Rhythm Boys Entertainment. Ranjit Bawa Played a lead role in this movie. Storytime is before independence. A village under the slavery of British government. Farmers are very angry with the administration, but they can’t do anything. Moreover, Britishers planned to build a jail in their own village to dominate the villagers. Some of the brave men (Manav Vij) from the village attack on British premises and robbed.

In the same village, Bhana (Ranjit Bawa) and his best friend Dittu (Karamjit Anmol) are living. Both of them are doing stupid things all the day. All the villagers count them in fools. But no one knows that these fools will do great things in future. Bhana likes Veera (Navpreet Banga) but due to his personality, she can’t accept him. Mahavir Bhullar was a sarpanch in the story and having a proud on Jabra because he robbed government premises and distributed the amount and things among villagers. Bhana also wants to become like Jabra.

After some time he got a chance to be a part of Jabra team. But unfortunately, all the team members except Bhana caught by the police. When bhana come back to village all people shout on him. This is the time when Bhana becomes “Bhalwan Singh”

He kidnaps the architect who is going to build a jail in his village. Then he rescued Jabra and his team. Now Bhalwan Singh becomes a big problem for British Government. All the people of the village are astonished to see the Brave aspect of Bhalawan Singh.

The Storyline of the movie is well gripped by the director Param Shiv. He knows in which form the Punjabi audience get to entertain. Music of the movie by Gurmoh was quite noticeable. The song “Manak Di Kali” is the blockbuster song of the year. The Producers triangle makes another blockbuster again. It’s a party time for them.

In totality, we can say that Bhalwan Singh movie is a complete family package. You must go to watch the movie and relax for 2 hours.