Berefoot Warriors | Kavi Raz | Minhas Films


Berefoot Warriors | Kavi Raz | Minhas Films

Today there is need to reveal the actual culture of Punjab. there are so many bravery incidents about its people. since ages in every century we have many brave soldiers, kings. but the dust of the time fading these incidents.
a production house named Minhas Films going to picturize all these incidents one by one. on the initial stage they are producing “Barefoot Warriors” movie. this movie is directed by Kavi Raz. This movie is inspired from an incident happened in 1948, when indian football team played the football match Barefooted against england in France. this was epic moment in history of football. but very few people know about this. there can be any reason but that incident made us proud all over the world.
Jatinder Jay Minhas the producer of the movie said that his aim is to promote the “gems of punjab” “soldiers of punjab” .in future they will produce these project on a large canvas. Barefoot Warriors movie is directed by very famous director “Kavi Raz” he has a great sense of filming.
in this movie there are indian artists as well as hollywood artists. the cast are Sean Faris, Darren Tassell, Yograj Singh, Mukul Dev Jobanpreet Singh, Drishti grewal, rajpal yadav, Rajen Toor etc.
the film will be release at the end of this year



Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan