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Yesterday film bailaras trailer released. Binnu dhillon also called as punjabi comedy king,and he proved it many time.Dhillon always plays different character and got success to make people laugh. This time he is coming with “Bailaras”.Kshitij chodary and Binnu dhillon’s team has been given many successful movies to industry,again they both are here with movie based on distnict subject, Bailaras. The movie shows , for jatts their tractor is most paramount thing and in jatt families they give status to it as ‘laanedar’.During participating in domestic games Jagga(binnu) fall down in love with parchi Tehlen,who is coming for shooting in his village.Jagga faced many difficulities such as families,society and economically but at the end he is able to come back their love and balilars in his life and this is the main subject of movie.This movie has many popular actors like Karamjeet anmol,Dev khroad,Hobby dhaliwal,Nirmal rishi etectera. The whole team have faith that Jass grewal, kshitij chodary and Binnu dhillon is co-work definitely accepted with great extent by their fans.

Bailaras Binnu Dhillon
Bailaras Binnu Dhillon



Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan