Aate Di Chidi movie will leave you with deep thoughts !!

Teg Productions presented movie Aate Di Chidi released on 18th October, 2018. This movie is a reminder for all of us that where we are standing and where is our culture now a days. Punjabi culture is rich of its rituals and festivals but todays generation have adopted new things and became very modern. Leads in the movie are Neeru Bajwa and Amrit Maan.

The story of the movie revolves around Neeru Bajwa and Sardar Sohi who is playing the role of Father in Law of her in the movie. Neeru things that Rangla Punjab is changed now and it is Gandla rather than Rangla. On the other side Sardar Sohi doesnt agree with her and to get on some solution they decided to move back to Punjab from Canada. There they found a different Punjab and then how the perception of everybody changed, this is very beautifully depicted in the movie. This leaves us with a deep thought also that is our punjab is actually Rangla or Gandla ?? And the holding of culture is in our hands only.

Movie has amazing mesaages for the audience. Acting of every chaacter is outstanding from Gurpreet Ghuggi to Anmol Verma. Aate Di Chidi is written by Raju Verma and directed by Harry Bhatti and both have done a tremendous job. Movie is running successful in the theatres.

Aate Di Chidi Running Successfully
Aate Di Chidi Running Successfully



Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan