A New Story from Hardeep Grewal’s Movie “Batch 2013” is Depicted in its New Poster!

Hardeep Grewal Batch 2013
Hardeep Grewal Batch 2013

Mohali : 22th August, 2022(Punjabi Teshan)Everyone is aware of Hardeep Grewal’s versatility; he consistently gave it his all whether he was singing or acting in a film. With his upcoming movie, “Batch 2013,” Hardeeep Grewal hopes to win over audiences once more. Recently, the first picture of Hardeep Grewal from “Batch 2013” was made public. The new movie poster is lately posted by Hardeep Grewal on his official Instagram account. In contrast to past posters, Hardeep’s appearance this time denotes something entirely distinct.

He wrote in the description of this post, “Batch 2013 is the story of a special team, and my character is charged with directing a particular operation. On September 9, a new Punjabi film will debut in a few local theatres”.The poster suggests that this film will be considerably different from Pollywood norms. In fact, Hardeep Grewal is setting new benchmarks through both his songs and his films. Hardeep Grewal put a lot of effort into achieving the look depicted on the poster. He also claimed in a social media post that he had grown his weight for the movie from 75 to 98 KG and that his entire crew had not compromised for even a single shot.

Now let’s talk about the film’s credits. The movie’s lead role will be portrayed by Hardeep Grewal. The movie also features Neeta Mohindra, Dr. Sahib Singh, Paramveer Singh, Hasheeen Chauhan, Manjit Singh, Harinder Bhullar, and Preet Bhullar in addition to Hardeep. The film “Batch 2013” was directed and edited by Garry Khatrao. The story for the movie was, however, written by Hardeep Grewal. “Batch 2013” is also financed by Hardeep Grewal.

The songs for the movie also feature vocals by Davi Singh, Kanwar Grewal, and Hardeep Grewal. The poster also includes the movie’s release date. Hardeep Grewal Productions will release the motion picture “Batch 2013” in theatres on September 9, 2022. But it won’t be long until we can watch this movie in a theatre. So let us know in comment section that how much excited you are watch this movie in theaters …….