A Documentary on How water is Precious for our lives !!

People believe that if World War 3 will happen it will be because of Water. Life is impossible without water, it is very precious and to bring that matter in everyone’s mind G Media Group in association with Planet One Foundation and Gursarab Production has presented a Documentary titled ‘The Pain Of Water’.
The released poster of this Documentary has depicted it very well that how the level of water is deceasing day by day. How the bad conditions of environment has effected the water and polluted it. These all things have depicted through a single drop of water that how they are got polluted.
This Documentary will be released in a way of web series. There would be many episodes of this documentary which will give different and great messages.
‘ Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai’ this qoute is actually true and this is the right time and right way to proof it. People should realize the importance of water. If water will get polluted like this, there would be no life possible on earth. The concept of this Documentary is of Prabhjot Kainth and is directed by JBS Athwal.
This kind of messages should be delivered to people that they do get a lesson from it and start thinking about the importance of life. People should be awared of all these things and should step forward to change it. Have a healthy life ahead with supporting all these types of efforts done through movies and documentaries.

The Pain Of Water
The Pain Of Water



Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan